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Miriam Gradel

Journalist | Podcaster | Globetrotter

About Me

Critical & analytic


Danish, English, Japanese, French, Italian

Multimedia Aficionado

Radio, podcast, TV, social media

Problem solver


Feature, news and more

Tech & IT-savvy

Adobe, CSM, CRM, SEO, Office etc.

An energetic octopus with a journalistic toolbox at hand. 

"Stereotypes exist to be challenged," my dad used to tell me growing up. I never doubted his words. In fact, growing up in a small Danish village with an Israeli dad and a Danish mother who spoke Greek, only to move to Japan at the age of 16, work my way to a degree in journalism in the UK, and study French, Italian, Korean and Chinese along the way, I think I never once managed to fulfil a stereotype. And thank heavens for that. 


My multicultural upbringing ensured that I was always exposed to as many perspectives, nuances and narratives in the reign of foreign politics and social affairs as possible. As a natural empath, a skilled listener and an eager storyteller, a career in journalism wasn't so much a choice as it was meant to be. 

In 2018, I graduated with a BA in journalism from City, University of London, making cultural encounters and storytelling my holy grail.

I believe in exploring the fine print whilst looking at the bigger picture. I prioritise the feelings below the surface and the narratives beyond the mundane. My dream is to be a foreign correspondent and live off of cultural encounters and human narratives. I always look to the world, ready to jump on a plane, train, overcrowded tram or tuk-tuk at a moment's notice.

Keep scrolling for my work, career and education.

Some of my work

In My Japan

Living in The Land of The Rising Sun has made me fluent in ninja, bento boxes and omotenashi. It was also where I first tried blogging.


Click on the image to go check it out.


Multicultural lense

I love meeting people on their turf, exploring how culture affects politics, family life and principles - as I did in this piece on the role of sports in the face of Judaism.

Reading Torah

Livin la vida start-up

Using my multimedia, journalism and organisational skills, I have worked with social innovation start-ups such as Techfestival CPH to facilitate communication and build communities. Most recently, I have helped build Raido, a non-profit working to empower students at risk in via education and community, from scratch.

Click the image for a sample of my work.


Cocktails of Copenhagen

Combining my experience as a bartender with my passion for writing, I've been blogging about the Copenhagen cocktail scene through the eyes of the expert men and women who make a living out it.

Click the image to go to Cocktails of Copenhagen's website.

Work Experience

Work & Experience

2021 - Present

Communication Cognoscente, Danish Design Center (DDC)

(Freelance) Leading the communication efforts for the EU Horizon 2020 project OPEN!NEXT. Connecting 20 project partners across Europe, strategising content creation and external communication on the topic of open source hardware production and business and revenue models.

Freelance Writer/Reporter

"Does Greenland's Youth Want Independence?" (Are We Europe)

A Solutions Journalism Piece looking at the future of Greenland in relation to Europe and Denmark.

"Turning food waste into beer" (Burum Collective)

A feature article exploring the success of a Copenhagen-based circular brewery. 

2019 - 2020

Development Consultant, Raido non-profit.

Assisting in the build of a new social innovation start-up, fx. by reaching out to potential partners and stakeholders in the public sector. Constructing brand, website and external communication in close collaboration with global marketing agency AKQA.

Mar 2019 - Sep 2019

Copy Writer & Community Manager, Techfestival CPH

In charge of all online communication, website updates and online community management using CMS and Adobe. Maintaining social media during the three-day festival, interviewing speakers and producing articles for online.

2014 - 2019

Freelance & Intern, various UK and DK media

Freelance writer and video producer for VICE Munchies (DK), The National Student (UK), St John Street News (UK) and Digital Agenda Impact Awards (UK).

Intern for The Sunday Times Travel Magazine and Mirror Online Travel. See sample work here and here.




City, University of London (UK)

BA Journalism. Graduated with a 2.1, specialising in Sciene and Environmental Reporting, Data Journalism, Sports Journalism, Investigative Writing, Visual Journalism and Multimedia Production.

Dissertation: "#AheadTamimi: Twitter and the Field of Journalism"


Youth For Understanding Language Exchange (JPN)

1-year language and culture exchange. Lived with a Japanese host family in Saga, Kyushu, spending one year studying Japanese and engaging with all aspects of the local culture and community.

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